#Seychelles funds repatriation flights from Sri Lanka and India


(Posted 22nd May 2020)

Unlike some other countries, where national airlines charge passengers keen to return to their home countries an arm and a leg, has the Seychelles decided to bring citizens home without them having to pay a single Rupee.

This Saturday the 23rd of May 2020, Air Seychelles will be undertaking a special flight to India and Sri Lanka to repatriate 95 Seychellois nationals stranded in those two countries during the COVID -19 pandemic.

With the support of the Seychelles embassies in India and Sri Lanka and in close consultation with Air Seychelles, Health Authorities as well as the two respective resident High Commissions, the Seychellois nationals will finally be able to return home after months away from their homeland. The repatriation of this group of nationals has been identified as “priority”, as it consists of many Seychellois patients who had been undergoing treatment in India and Sri Lanka, with government financial assistance.

This fully funded government sponsored flight will carry 81 Seychellois nationals from Chennai, India (including 42 patients and attendants) and 14 patients and attendants from Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, all Seychelles embassies across the world were mobilized and are compiling a list of stranded nationals within their jurisdictions, with the support of the country’s Consular network. Embassies are in direct contact with the stranded nationals and on a daily basis are coordinating with the Consular Affairs section of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In providing an update on the situation, the Director of Consular Affairs, Mr. Terry Rose commented that “it is noteworthy that countries have their local laws and regulations that have to be adhered to and the Department of Foreign Affairs with the assistance of our overseas missions, where applicable, continues to negotiate with all countries and parties concerned in an effort to undertake the repatriation.”

Other stranded nationals are likely to be repatriated from June, when travel restrictions will be gradually lifted and entry into Seychelles will be allowed from selected countries, under certain conditions provided by Health Authorities.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is also in close contact with Air Seychelles, which is conducting a survey of the number of Seychellois nationals or other nationalities who wish to be repatriated to and from Seychelles respectively.

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