Meet ATCNews’ latest media partner – Rosario Achola of Abyssinian Ronin Production Haus


By Rosario Achola with a foreword by ATCNews

(Posted 25th May 2020)

ATCNews has over the years engaged with many young upcoming travel writers and bloggers, among them #TheFisayo from Nigeria, now an award winning entrepreneur who has grown beyond the mere blogging scene.
We provide a platform for regular and occasional guest writers and our cooperation with #VoyagesAfriq and the #MediaIndiaGroup make our reporting from and about Africa second to none on the continent.

Yet, there is always space for new ventures and adventures, and Rosario Achola will bring new perspectives on board, YouTubing her stories for added visual impact, something new our more than 2 million registered readers around the world will no doubt appreciate.

Enjoy the first of her episodes being showcased on ATCNews, but if interested just check out her previous 30 episodes via her YouTube Channel, details shown further below.

Welcome to ATCNews Rosario Achola and to many many years together!

This is the Fear Of Missing Out (F.O.M.O) Travel show, a show where we profile the fully immersive travel experience in East Africa and eventually Africa wide. We want to show that everything that you would look for in a travel destination is right here, no need to leave Africa. We not only profile hotels and lodges like other travel shows, but also places of interest, things to do when in a given location, restaurants, outdoor and ghetto food joints, personalities who can vouch for the location, and popular as well as alternative hang outs. It is The Experience that counts.

Hi, my name is Flight Captain Achola Rosario and I am a level 4 Google Maps guide as well as a former journalist for 17 years, who is discovering how much there really is to do in East Africa. Every corner hides something that is quite uniquely indigenous in a global context, even when it is something that has been assimilated from “abroad”.

East Africa, and in particular Kenya where I currently reside, is a melting pot of different cultures that is enjoying unprecedented visibility on a global scale. However local residents are too busy being sold a dream of “outside countries” to notice the gems around their corners. This is where we at the F.O.M.O. Travel show come in.

I want to take you round to the local restaurant, where you can sample a local delicacy you can only get in that region, as well as the restaurant that serves food from a foreign land. How else can you get to know a people unless you taste their every day lives? Travel shows about Africa usually focus only on animals and tourist locations, I want to feel the entire local experience and package it for you in an entertaining and easy to swallow serving.

Episode 31 (see link below), takes us to Ruaka in Kiambu county, north of Nairobi / Kenya, where an avid gourmand such as myself has discovered the perfect hot-dog. Imagine my shock and amazement to find a place deep in Kikuyu-land that has realized the importance of the condiments placed in that humble snack. The place is Quickmart supermarket on Limuru Rd, just after Ruaka square.

Limuru road is actually quite an important route, being as it is an outlet for traffic going out of town and onto neighboring countries. It is also the route along which all the embassies and UN agencies have their outlets and residences. Therefore it was a stroke of genius to have a value-added service such as a hotdog stand outside their store.

But what is impressive is that the 90% of the clientele is local and yet standards are maintained! This would never have happened in Uganda. The hot-dog comes in either white or brown buns that are fresh and soft, caramelized onions are liberally applied inside the split bun. A dazzling array of sauces are then laid in accordance to your specifications. Mustard, the key ingredient is there in plentiful supply. This has been my traditional beef with hot-dog stands in East Africa.

At a foot long and a dollar a pop, a person with a large appetite and a carefree wallet can down several in a go. They are well packaged enough for you to carry them on the road without messing up your car or your luggage in the bus. The boerewors sausages are large enough to surpass the end of the bread, meaning that you are not left chewing on plain bread with sauce at the beginning and at the end. And it is just nice to know that we can successfully import some part of a foreign culture and get it right.

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