#COVID19 #Uganda – Summary of latest directives and instructions


(Posted 02nd June 2020)

1. Public transport is now allowed but will carry half of normal capacity including the driver and the conductor with effect from 4th June 2020.

*All passengers, driver and passengers must wear face masks

2. Brokers, taxi/bus touts, hawkers are not allowed in the public transport parks/ terminals.

3. Public and private transport is still banned in the border districts.

4. Bodabodas are still banned from carrying passengers until further notice.

5. Bars, saunas, salons, gyms, public swimming are still banned for another 21days.

6. International borders and airports will remain closed until further notice.

7. The School going candidates /finalists total to a number of 1.4m and Govt doesn’t have the resources to test the numbers for COVID19 every 2 weeks, in addition , day schoolers, school workers and teachers are still high risk because they oscillate between home and the school premises .

*Therefore, Schools will remain closed for the candidate learners for one more month.

*Govt to pursue distance learning methodology (TVs, Radio, etc) for learners during the lockdown.

8. Curfew will continue from 7.00 pm-6.30am.

9. Churches and mosques will remain closed.

10. Political and cultural public gatherings are still probihited until further notice.

11. Shopping malls will be allowed to open starting 4th June 2020.

12. Govt issued face masks will be ready for public distribution from 10th June 2020.

*Border districts will be the first priority for face mask distribution.

13. The biggest number of cases are South Sudan Truck drivers

14. Four thousand (4,000) persons were arrested during the lockdown, there cases are going to reviewed ASAP and early release from jail may be considered.

The televised speech details then received added clarification and a ‘recap’ as the author says, which is also shared here.

As always is the devil in the detail and Ugandans will be watching with keen eyes about enforcement, which presently seems almost absent – as seen today are some 90 percent of the people observed walking on the side walks and along the roads, while driving into the city and back, not wearing face masks nor are social distancing instructions being followed.
Be safe!

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