Fairmont Kenya – Now you are fired and now you are not


(Posted 04th June 2020)

Only days after announcing the closure of the Norfolk Hotel and the Mara Safari Club and sacking all their staff did the company’s Nairobi based General Manager, one Mehdi Morad apparently do a U-Turn, announcing the reversal of his incomprehensible decision.
The news a few days ago was met with sharp criticism of Accor Hotels, the owner of the Fairmont brand, the Fairmont brand itself and the General Manager, for attempting to shut down what can only be described as one of Africa’s most iconic five star hotels.

Pressure has been piling on Mr. Morad whose position, having announced the sacking and closure decision a few days earlier, has become well near untenable as Fairmont employees, the hotel industry at large and government departments dealing with labour issues and the hotel business have declared their opposition to the plans and demanded that the decision be reversed.

That has now happened earlier today but given the insulting language in the original sacking letter and reference to frustration the company reportedly suffered at the hands of unions and staff, is it doubtful that normal relations will be restored any time soon, as the lack of trust and the erosion of confidence between the company, its management and both unions and staff have greatly deteriorated.

ATCNews reported the developments a few days ago and a link to the article is shown below for ease of access by readers.

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