#Seychelles tourism restarts with first applications for entry of private jets and yachts


(Posted 04th June 2020)

A regular source from Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, has confirmed that more than a dozen applications have already been lodged with local aviation and health authorities for private jets to fly into Mahe, or for luxury yachts to dock at port Victoria.

The Public Health Commissioner Jude Gedeon has also confirmed this development, sinc the airport was reopened on the 01st of June but apparently cautioned that due process was required to assess each and every application and then follow the strict guidelines for arriving passengers in regard to immediate health checks and a follow up a few days later.

Visitors so allowed to enter the Seychelles are also restricted to stay at their chosen resort only and are presently not permitted to move around the island or between islands.

The Seychelles have designated 19 countries as low risk including notably China, where the pandemic started and which stands constantly accused of a massive cover up, but also Australia, Botswana, Israel, Mauritius, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and Japan, among others.

Visitors to the Seychelles should also note that with immediate effect a charge of US Dollars 50 has come into effect to cover for the expenses of health checks though it is not clear for how long this fee will apply, especially when mainstream tourism begins to flow in again.

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