Serena Hotels re-open the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa


(Posted 05th June 2020)

Serena Hotels in Uganda has kickstarted their operation, initially re-opening the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa.
Being forced to close down their two Ugandan properties due to government restrictions such as lockdowns, curfews and closure directives at the start of the pandemic in Uganda back in March, are the gradual lifting of such restrictive practices now seen conducive to begin reopening hotels and resorts.
While the Kampala Serena Hotel will reopen at a later date – details to be advised in due course and immediately published on ATCNews – has the Kigo based Lake Victoria Serena been able to take the lead as Serena’s operations go underway again.

The resort is open for accommodation, conferences and meals at the Citadel Restaurant after instituting measures of social distancing across the resort.

Special offers are now available for Ugandans and Ugandan residents as follows:

Notably has the Ugandan government not made good of promises and assurances to assist local businesses with tax breaks or tax reductions, as the 2 US Dollar per person local hotel tax and the 18 percent VAT continue to be charged, a situation strongly opposed by the Ugandan hospitality industry, which has been driven to the brink of ruin by the government’s lockdowns and curfews.
Demands are getting louder and more impatient from leading hotel operators and hotel owners to immediately grant tax brakes to the hospitality industry in particular and the tourism sector in general and to stop treating the sector opportunistically, i.e. bleeding it dry with taxes and fees while not investing back into the industry in equal measure.