Kenya Airways flight resumption pushed to later this month


(Posted 10th June 2020)

While initially intending to relaunch a limited regional and international network does it appear that logistical and regulatory issues stood in the way of the date initially announced, being the 08th of June.
However has Kenya Airways now advertised two repatriation charter flights, one leaving Nairobi on the 18th of June to London Heathrow – where all passengers after arrival need to self quarantine for two weeks – and one on the 19th of June to Johannesburg.
It could not be ascertained at this stage what additional flights are planned or which destinations will be served – and how often – when the airline restarts operations in earnest but ATCNews will report updates as and when available.


  1. Does Kenya Airways plans any repatriation flights leaving from small airport as Bangui, CAR to different parts of Africa, e.g Johannesburg?

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