#Uganda government publishes guidelines for repatriation of Ugandans abroad


(Posted 18th June 2020)

The Ugandan government has at last made public the guidelines under which Ugandans ‘stuck‘ abroad can return home, once repatriation flights become available, applicable to any airline offering such flights. It must be pointed out right here and now that the airport is presently closed for international passenger flights and no information has been released by government when scheduled air transport will be permitted again. This might make an early return of Ugandans difficult for the time being, as Uganda, unlike many other countries, has not organized officially sanctioned repatriation flights to bring Ugandans home from abroad.
The four page documents, shown above and below, outlines a wide range of measures but the key element will be a 14 day quarantine, at returnees own expense, before they can be released to their own homes.

Early feedback from ATCNews readers also suggests that there is significant disagreement over the document not showing any tariffs applicable for returnees, something in contrast the Kenyan government has done, when publishing lists of ‘Quarantine Hotels‘ which showed room tariffs and where applicable inclusive of meal plans.
Many Ugandans stuck abroad when the government suddenly halted air transport into the country on the 22nd of March, have already overextended their financial means just to pay for their stays in the countries where the ban found them, and many of those are unlikely to remain with the financial resources required to pay for 14 days of accommodation and meals at the facilities shown in the document.

As and when more information becomes available will ATCNews share the details, also for future visitors intending to come to Uganda on business or leisure, once the flight bans have been lifted.