Tour D’EAC 2020 postponed


(Posted 23rd June 2020)

John Bosco Balongo, the man behind the annual cycling event which has over the past couple of years successfully promoted East African unity through the tour which crossed all the key member state, has yesterday announced that the 2020 event cannot be staged for health and safety reasons.

He shared the message with ATCNews which, as a regular supporter of the tour, will publish it here:

As we continue to chat our way through the global pandemic that we are
all facing, the East African governments applied travel restrictions
as many other countries are doing. Following the advice of the EAC
leaders regarding the fight and responsiveness against coronavirus. It
was announced among other things that all social, cultural, political,
and entertainment events be postponed until further notice. Some
EAC LEADERS stressed that the partial shutdown aims at reducing mass
gatherings to avoid the spread of the disease.
Campfire Logs Guild the organizers of the renowned East African
Bicycle Tour trading as Tour D EAC, and in consultation with
partners the East African Business council EABC are following
Government advice and practicing social distancing.

We are therefore postponing the 4th Edition of TOUR D EAC because the
majority of our participating cyclists come from EAC and beyond by
this means, traveling becomes a challenge during this time. The
Bicycle tour was meant to take place from 1st August to 25th September
2020, traveling through five East African partner states. Surely, this
disaster is having a unique impact on our fellow cyclists, bicycle
enthusiasts, tourists and so funding for this year has been affected.

The East African Bicycle Tour (Named Tour D’EAC by media) is not a
race. It is an event that uses cycling to showcase the East African
Community (EAC), regional tourism, Business and Trade, and cycling
opportunities that exist there.
It is, however, a challenging event. Any rider that completes the full
(or even a partial) tour will have tested their physical and mental
limits as they will have completed many days and weeks of riding daily
stage trips, each of which will test fitness and endurance; several
will be world-class in terms of challenge.

Most stages are ridden only by Full Tour Riders who form a PLATOON
accompanied by a support group carrying spares, first aid equipment,
and gear. However, many riders can join for any part of a stage or
group of stages – all of which will be “rideable” for riders of all
capabilities including beginners, both female and males, children and
adults, as well as para riders. Options will exist for riders to
choose to ride selected stages as complete events, while others will
be able to ride the same routes at their own pace. These events will
normally be hosted by Community organizations or cycling clubs based
in the towns the leg passes through on the given day.
Staging the East African Bicycle Tour (Tour D’EAC) is an expensive

Funds to ensure it is completed successfully will come
from a range of sponsors as well as entry fees for stage riders. It is
anticipated that media support and coverage of the tour will highlight
the event and be a benefit to sponsors by giving them visibility.

ATCNews wishes the organizers the very best as they are now starting work to shift the September tour to a new date, very likely next year – and once a new date has been set will it be published here for the benefit of readers.