#IATA publishes passenger insight data

Issue 2: COVID-19 Passenger Insights Survey

A new issue of this survey was conducted in June with two previous waves in February and April. For these three waves, IATA has surveyed recent travelers to find out about the impact COVID-19 has on passenger perceptions of the industry and expected traveling behaviours. The main purpose of the study was to better understand what trends to expect in the near future, which would help shape the guidelines for the industry recovery.

The study explores the perceptions of 4,700 panel members from eleven countries (Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA) who traveled by air since July 2019.

The survey questionnaire and methodology for Issue 2 can be accessed here at anytime.

A few examples from the survey highlights
  • 43% of passengers are willing to undergo a temperature check at departure and/or arrival
  • 54% of travelers in Germany plan to reduce their travel in general compared to 66% of travelers in the United States
  • 85% of travelers are concerned of being quarantined when traveling
  • 13% of business travelers would not wait at all to travel again compared to 10% among leisure travelers
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