The Diary of a Muzungu’s latest: From the Edge of Kibale Forest


Episode 2 of Volume 1

By Charlotte Beauvoisin, aka Nagawa, posted from Sunbird Hill, Kibale Forest

(Posted 02nd of July 2020)

In the second of a series, Charlotte Beauvoisin shares some of her #LockdownDiaries from Kibale Forest in Western Uganda.

My morning walk cum run skirts the edge of Kibale National Park. I have walked these forest trails for 100 days now. When I see safari ants, I walk the first lap of the trail with my eyes pinned to the ground. I scan the path, placing branches to mark where I must jump over the rivers of ants that stream like oil.

This morning ants are scattered everywhere. A skip and a jump aren’t enough to avoid them entirely. I think I’m dodging them well okay until SCREAM! An ant sinks its jaws into my ankle.

I stop. I look down to see an ant wriggling in the lace hole of my trainer. I grab its back legs and try to yank it out. It hangs on tight. I try and extricate it from the other side of the hole but it will not budge either way. I take off my shoe and bang it hard against the trunk of a tree. It clings. I use the tips of my nails to mimic its pincers. I pull hard.

This is not fun anymore. I decide to abandon the run.

I take a detour along the edge of the elephant trench down towards Frog Loop, a swampy area where long-legged amphibians jump through wet grass.

I notice some compressed greenery to one side of the trail. Baboons regularly move in and out of the forest but these tunnels of vegetation are larger. Could a group of chimps have crossed the trench here? I wonder.

A few hundred metres ahead, I find an even larger patch of flattened greenery. One of the indentations is half a metre in circumference. Elephants!

The broken vegetation is fresh but there’s no sign of their dung. It isn’t until I see these elephant-sized holes in the vegetation that I recall last night’s dream about a large grey shape silently pushing its way through the undergrowth below my house.

As I walk onto Rosemary Lane, I’m shocked to see a fallen tree blocking our road. During the first 70 days in lockdown, we only used the road once, for a brief and uncomfortable foray into Fort Portal.

Between tiny ants and huge elephants, where is there left to run…?

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Charlotte is best known for her blog Diary of a Muzungu. She is a travel writer, influencer, marketing manager and trainer. She lives at Sunbird Hill on the edge of Kibale National Park.

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