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June Edition 2020
Water Challenges and Solutions in the Upper Ewaso Basin
The documentary ‘Water and Resilience’ was developed by the Mount Kenya Ewaso Water Partnership (MKEWP) with support from various stakeholders from WRUAs, Community Water Projects, WRA, County Governments, Kenya Water and Sanitation Civil Society Network among others. Cordaid and Partners for Resilience were the main implementing partners.
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Mutara WRUA

Journey From Water Access Equality to Equity

Water is the most important resource for community members living in Mutara Sub Catchment which lies within Nyandarua County and Laikipia County. The multifaceted uses of water directly impact daily life and human survival of the residents

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Building Back Better
Tourism in the Laikipia landscape continues to suffer – a major victim of Covid-19. Here we share helpful resources…………………

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Fauna and Flora International Give Laikipia Landscape Wildlife Conservation a Big Boost
Many of the world’s disasters occur without warning. Such events can have devastating and irreversible consequences for natural habitats and species, if there is not swift action.
The Rapid Response Facility (RRF) plays an essential role in reducing the impact of such disasters, by providing rapid relief to the world’s most irreplaceable sites, when it’s needed most.
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Laikipia Locust Update
Kenya is experiencing its worst locust invasion for 70 years. The World Bank warns that regional locust swarms could swell current numbers 400-fold by June, causing livestock-related costs and damages of $8.5bn by the end of 2020. Pastoralists in Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya will be worst hit.
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Partnerships For Sustainable Conservation Mukogodo Forest