#Zambia Tourism News Updates


(Posted 08th July 2020)

Courtesy of Gill Staden do ATCNews readers once again have direct access to her bi-weekly news updates from Zambia, Zimbabwe and the wider region.
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The Latest from Livingstone

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Working donkeys
Elephant corridor
Ferris Wheel
Smart Meters
Books by Zambians
Climate Plan
Munkombe’s Chilli
Flow killed by leopard
Tusk and Conservation South Luangwa
Peace Parks at Simalaha
West Lunga gets more help
British Army to help ZamParks
Mulungushi Textiles
Kasanka NP works with World Land Trust
Greenway Stoves
Vic Falls works on removing Lantana
Locusts in Gonarezhou
Cecil Rhodes and the Ndebele
Solar Panels stolen in Zambezi NP
Renovated Camps in Hwange
Elephant Deaths in Botswana – what is the cause?
More poachers killed in Okavango
Keeping camera traps away from elephant curiosity in Kwando
The Okapi

Some Videos

Tony Barnett is feeling proud with Natasha (Victoria Falls)
We are super excited to present to you our latest video campaign.
A collaboration between Zambiatourism.com & Destination Livingstone. Have a look and pass it on !

Discovery (Victoria Falls and Gorges)
We’re cruising into the Zambia rapids on the ManVsWild marathon now on Discovery!

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust. Zambia.
Chimp playing with bubbles

Beautiful Zambia. It’s an anteater.
When you least expect it Beautiful Zambia Surprises you with one of its many beauties

Zambia Environmental Management Agency
Health and environment are two sides of the same coin. When we take care of our environment we take care of our health, too. Nature is on the verge of a breakdown due to our insatiable appetite for development without due care to the environment. Be a part of the solution and join #ZEMA in calling for Time For Nature.

Conservation South Luangwa on Community Scouts

Luckson Wana Muke to LUVALE PEOPLE (Makishi Dancers)

Ocean Conservation Namibia
A little bit more background to Antoine’s and Naude’s efforts to free seals in Namibia from Ocean rubbish and plastic pollution: see how they spot the animals, how they identify the ones they can get to, and eventually the rescue. Ocean Conservation Namibia has rescued over 200 seals this year alone. Most of our seals are caught in discarded fishing gear that the seals pick up from the ocean. Without intervention, they would find a horrible and slow end because of suffocation and starvation.
We have made it our mission to catch and release as many animals as possible.
And another …

African Bush Camps. Hwange NP and Cecil the Lion
Cecil. A lion that changed the face of conservation forever. His untimely death shone a light on the glaring issues surrounding trophy in Africa.

BBC is with BBC Scotland
This osprey’s having a bit of bother with its fish supper…
G: I have added this because, although filmed in Scotland, we have ospreys visit us in Zambia. I have seen them in Lower Zambezi. They look similar to the fish eagle, but, when catching fish, they dive right into the water unlike the fish eagle which only catches fish from the surface.

Gill is also the author of several guidebooks about Zambia and the region, worth looking up and reading.