#HoustonMarketing announces first Spotlight Virtual Travel Expo


(Posted 09th July 2020)

In the new world order of #COVID19 is physical distancing a key element to avoid infections.
With regular travel expo’s of course running the risk, regardless of the level of precautions and hygienic measures added, that infections might happen, has Derek Houston taken the proverbial bull by the horns and has announced his first virtual travel expo and Spotlight Workshops ever.

Derek told ATCNews:

SPOTLIGHT Workshops & Expo’s are going VIRTUAL.

Spotlight Virtual Travel Expo is designed to create a true Virtual reality Exhibition experience.

Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo will be an Interactive online B2B event enabling exhibitors to connect with buyers from all over Africa and will be a more sophisticated experience than a Zoom meeting or a webinar.

Spotlight Virtual Travel Expo offers exhibitors the opportunity to re-engage with Travel agents and Tour operators , meet potential new buyers and update the trade on Post Covid protocols , special offers etc

The use of virtual digital platforms to engage with the Trade has grown exponentially. Houston Travel Marketing’s impactful solution is tailored to meet the specific needs for travel trade buyers to receive updates on products and services and negotiate online with exhibitors.

Houston Travel Marketing has teamed up with CLARITY DIGITAL technology experts with over 20 years experience in virtual technology platforms which is used widely by global blue chip companies.

The First Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo will take place on Tuesday August 11th

Each Exhibitor will have a Special booth with their own branding featuring logo, graphics, Youtube video, downloading of Presentations, Facebook /email etc plus the Multiple Chat Facility.

Click Here to see an example of a typical Expo booth

Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo will be a 4 hour manned exhibition .

Exhibitors will be able to have one- on- one meetings and discussions with Buyers.

Thereafter the Exhibition will be open for a further 48 hours whereby buyers can access the Exhibitors videos, presentations but not have live interaction

Invited Buyers

We will send invitations our extensive database of over 2000 Travel trade who have attended our regular Spotlight Workshops and Expos in the past.

The buyers to be invited will be Travel Agents and Inbound Tour Operators from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya,Tanzania, Ethiopia as well as from West Africa.

We will also invite buyers from Europe (Nordics, Central & Eastern Europe).

In addition we will have a pro-active social media campaign and circulate the invite to Travel Agency associations /tourism industry platforms

We expect 100-150 Buyers to register for the Expo.

Click here for detailed information on Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo

The cost of participating at Spotlight Virtual TravelExpo will be ZAR 6750 +VAT /USD450

Spotlight workshops update

Due to current COVID19 travel restrictions and the uncertainty over the availability of flights I have decided to postpone Spotlight Windhoek from August 29 to Mid-October.

At this stage we are still planning to go-ahead with Spotlight Gaborone on 22 & 23 September and Nairobi 08 & 09 October but it will be dependent on whether regional travel is allowed again. I will keep you updated on the situation.

Israel is still planned for September but I might move it to December

I hope you decide to participate in the first Spotlight VIRTUAL TravelExpo