#EthiopianAirline pursues aggressive network restoration


(Posted 14th July 2020)

Before the outbreak of the global #COVID19 pandemic did Ethiopian Airlines serve 127 destinations, in Africa and globally, making it the 5th largest airline in the world in terms of number of countries served.
The pandemic forced the airline to abandon a number of destinations as airports in many countries were closed, except for repatriation and cargo flights, both of which the airline marketed.
Ethiopian converted 20 of their long haul wide body passenger aircraft to be able to carry cargo in the passenger department and undertook some 40 repatriation flights each week for the duration of the pandemic so far.
With many countries now gradually opening up their airports again and are ready to receive international travelers – subject to strict health and safety regulations of course – has Ethiopian begun to return to such destinations, among them Dubai.
By the end of this week will the airline already operated scheduled passenger flights to 40 destinations and the list is reportedly growing fast, just as soon as airports open up again.
Notably has Ethiopian Airlines reported a profit, albeit much reduced from last year, ,when their financial year ended on the 07th of July, despite a revenue reduction of about 1 billion US Dollars.
Happy Landings to passengers, crews and aircraft!