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Coronavirus Is Now Reaching ‘Full Speed’ in Africa, Says Top Health Official
(JOHANNESBURG) — The COVID-19 pandemic in Africa is reaching “full speed,” the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chief said Thursday, while a South African official said a single province is preparing 1.5 million graves…Read more>>

Aviro Health launches chatbot for patients at high risk in South Africa
Tech in Africa
Avio Health announced a partnership with the Western Cape Health Department in developing an automated chatbot application system running on WhatsApp. The chatbot helps in delivering chronic medication to patients at their homes while…Read more>>

Investment in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Infrastructure and Energy is Paramount: Africa Oil & Power 2021 DRC Investment Summit Launches
Africa News
Kinshasa will welcome a broad base of international and African investors to the first ever DRC Energy & Infrastructure Investment Summit, organized by Africa Oil & Power (AOP) (, in 2021; the African…Read more>>

How Google’s balloons are bringing internet to new parts of Kenya
Quartz Africa
Alphabet, which owns Google, is trying something far more eye-catching in East Africa through an idea that started in 2013 out of Google X, its so called “Moonshot Factory.” The idea was to send out balloons into space to connect people in difficult to…Read more>>

Southern Africa’s tourism industry desperate to reopen
African Business
After a season of drought, the Zambezi-fed waterfalls on the Zimbabwe-Zambia border have received record flows since April – over 50% higher than usual – but there are few visitors to witness the unceasing roar of one of Africa’s most astonishing spectacles…Read more>>

Tourism as an Agent of Recovery in Post-COVID-19 Southern Africa
Future Directions
The tourism sector will not be the sole path to recovery, but, in many countries of the region, it can offer the hope of a lifeline for at least one sector of the economy. The SADC has a clear mandate to drive the recovery of the regional tourism industry…Read more>>