Breakfast delights are joined by weekend brunches at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel


(Posted 18th July 2020)

Last week did a visit to the Sheraton Kampala Hotel reveal interesting details, as the hotel is gearing up once again to full scale operations – at least as far as the Ugandan authorities presently permit.
Open throughout the lockdown period – the hotel also caters for an attached serviced apartments complex which was fully booked – were certain aspects of the hotel operation of course scaled way back, such as room business depending on international business and leisure visitors which at that stage had gone AWOL. That setback however did not stop the hotel from continuing to serve loyal clients with food deliveries via one of Kampala’s main online food order services but also continued to provide cakes and pastries and run the dry cleaning operation.

Reasonably priced ‘Staycation‘ offers brought in some local business from upcountry and even from the city itself.

Executive Chef Alex narrated to ATCNews his experience with the lockdown and the subsequent challenges he faced, pre-pandemic operating 7 food and beverage outlets in three main kitchens and suddenly seeing occupancies wither away from 70 percent to just a handful of clients who failed to find flights out of the country before the airport was closed and the tenants at the apartments.

(Breakfast is now ordered from a contactless downloaded menu and a wide range of offerings are available for guests)

As the reopening of the hotel goes underway, are food and drinks served at the Park Square lobby cafe and the Paradise Terrace and adjoining Seven Seas Restaurant.
While conventional menus are available does the hotel encourage guests and casual visitors to scan and download the available menu and order via their smartphones. The available menu items now feature a lot more Ugandan produce and food choices, as imports of goods for the hospitality industry have also literally ground to the standstill – with many items in the past reaching the country as air cargo on scheduled passenger flights, something yet to even be cleared by the Ugandan government.

(Starters from the new menu, made from all local ingredients)

For guests in the hotel are breakfast, snacks during the day, lunch and dinner available and the quality of food served continues to impress. #COVID19 may have caused havoc around the world but in the kitchen of the Sheraton Kampala Hotel is work continuing while observing the ‘New Normal‘ of health and safety standards.

(Main courses available from the new menu, also made entirely with local ingredients and the relaunched Sunday Brunch is attractively priced)

The hotel is part of Marriott’s international brands and as such was required to meet the exacting standards of health and safety as only global hospitality groups can develop and implement – and training of staff is ongoing, for those already on duty and those soon to be recalled as business improves again.

(Staff undergoes regular training session and is frequently tested to ensure health and safety of guests and colleagues)

Guests in turn are alerted through displays in the hotel lobby of the ‘New Normal‘ and what is expected of them to ensure a safe stay while at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala.

Links to YouTube interviews with the Sheraton Kampala Hotel’s General Manager, Executive Chef and Director of Sales: