The Saint Ange Tourism Report Special Edition Issue 5 with Zilwa Publications


(Posted 30th July 2020)

This edition comes again with a forward by Alain St. Ange and access to the full report is available by clicking on the link shown below.

ONE SEYCHELLES’ relentless on-the-ground mobilization efforts in the lead up to the 2020 Presidential election has not gone unnoticed by rival camps. It has served as comedic relief after long days canvassing the districts to stumble across shiny and perplexed-looking political activists in their crisp party t-shirts, polished shoes and important-looking clipboards. More than once, activists have expressed their disbelief and surprise that I am personally walking door-to-door in the districts, instead of sending a squadron of representatives on my behalf, as their party leaders do.

Politicians have, over time, become too complacent and too arrogant. The same passion, drive and seemingly good intentions that once propelled them into the districts to meet with the electorate should still be alive and fueling them today, if they remain truly committed to their cause. One cannot sit idly at home or in a comfortable air-conditioned office while expecting foot-soldiers to campaign on his or her behalf, nor should the electorate be content with such dispirited and impersonal service by their elected public servants.

Such "leaders“ are only mobilized into action when they receive word of unprecedented resistance in the districts, in which case they hurry, enraged, into the field, camera in tow. The same applies to the political parties that are relying solely on the marvel that is social media to conduct their campaigns; the people want to see you, meet you, and actively engage with you. The impersonal treatment by these politicians sends red flags to the electorate and warns them of the type of President these politicians would likely become. People do not want to be preached at; they want, and deserve, a say in a politician’s plans for running the Country, their Country.

The notion of "change“ that is being promised by everyone, aside from President Faure who is advocating for maintaining the existing state of affairs for another five years, ceases to have any meaning if it is unsubstantiated, and if it fails to reflect or address the problems being encountered on a daily basis by the People. The issue ultimately appears to be that these career politicians have lost confidence in their own cause. It would seem that they are more concerned with, and focused on, winning the elections, than saving our tourism industry and our economy.

No other political party has put emphasis on their plans for salvaging our tourism sector, which is the lifeblood of our crumbling economy. It is no secret that none of these parties have the requisite expertise, capability, influence or knowledge to rebuild the industry, whereas this is ONE SEYCHELLES’ undeniable strength. This is perhaps why they have been sweeping the crucial issue under the rug, directing their followers’ attention elsewhere. For one party, "elsewhere“ seems to be the cutting of welfare benefits, and for the other, it would appear to be the need for a train and tunnel.

The system has failed, particularly over the past five years, to satisfy persistent and widespread demands. Following the additional strain of a crisis situation, namely COVID-19 shutting down global tourism, the system is unable to maintain itself. It is presently at its most vulnerable, with different politicians coming forward to take the helm. Before you pick a candidate, consider his track record, ability to produce positive results, his values, experience, skillset, and ability to treat other human beings with respect and dignity.

He who presently believes himself to be untouchable, in any sense, or to be far more superior to his fellow Seychellois, will only exacerbate these unbecoming qualities if he becomes President. Consider whether your candidate preaches "unity" yet conversely marginalizes or discriminates against a particular group of people; would this be a suitable leader for Seychelles? The choice is ultimately yours.

While you have the right to vote, you have a duty to ensure your vote is an informed one. Vote wisely in the 2020 Presidential election. Vote for ONE SEYCHELLES!

Alain St.Ange

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