Tourism Training Opportunity in #Uganda


(Posted 08th August 2020)

Matoke Tours is introducing a specialist training program for Adventure Travel Guides. We are looking for experienced tour guides with a passion for active and cultural tourism, who want to gain in-depth knowledge about adventure tourism.

The deadline for submitting the application form is Sunday 9th August 2020.

Matoke Tours’ Adventure Travel Guide Training consists out of two courses:

Professional Tour Guiding Basics

Course duration 1 week – September 2020

  • Introduction to Active tourism
  • Introduction to Cultural tourism
  • Introduction to Matoke Tours & Working with Matoke Tours
  • Soft-skill development (such as high-level customer service, planning and intercultural communication)
  • A customized 1-day First Aid training by the Red Cross, including certification
  • Covid19 Standard Operation Procedures in tourism
  • Anti Harassment training
  • Assessment and certification of the course
  • For female tour guides, an additional 6 days of training is offered, including driving courses, leadership training, self defence and more

Specialized field trainings

Course duration 3 years (3 weeks per year)

  • For limited participants only, selection will be based on the assessment of the Professional Tour Guiding Basics course
  • Specialization in Adventure Tourism (Cultural & Active Tours)
  • Adventure traveler expectations & customer care
  • Knowledge about Matoke Tours’ and its regional partners’ adventure travel itineraries
  • Familiarization trips, each covering a different region in Uganda
  • 2 regional trainings per year of 1-week each for a course of 3 years (a total of 6 regional trainings)
  • It is intended to end the 3-year program with an assessment by the DIT and the Tourism Sector Skills Council.
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