#MountKenyaTrust launches ‘Ranger Challenge’

Mount Kenya Trust and Wildlife Protectors Across Africa Unite to Defend Decades of Conservation Progress.
On World Ranger Day, July 31st, the Wildlife Ranger Challenge was launched. More than 50 ranger teams across Africa, along with NGOs Tusk and NATURAL STATE are launching The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, a multi-million-pound fundraising initiative to support the men and women across Africa’s protected areas who are enduring drastic cuts in salaries and resources due to the devastating economic impact of Covid-19 and yet are still working tirelessly to safeguard the continent’s iconic wildlife.


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On 3rd October 2020 up to 50 ranger teams (INCLUDING AN MKT TEAM) spanning the African continent will unite to compete in a half marathon race carrying their typical 25kg backpack and equipment – building comradery and raising awareness of the hardship currently faced by those in their profession.

Our rangers will be taking part from just inside the Mount Kenya National Reserve near our horse patrol base at nearly 10,000 ft, running up through pristine Afroalpine forest then into the Mount Kenya elephant corridor and down through beautiful highland farmland.

Supporters can donate to the team’s efforts and help keep our rangers in the field via MOUNT KENYA TEAMS or IMENTI FOREST TEAM.

Four mount Kenya Trust Community Rangers will take part in the challenge. They are Martin Kinyua, David Mwiraria, John Wanjau and Kelvin Kimaita. They don’t always work as one team but for the challenge, they will be based at our Imenti Patrol Camp so that they can train together while working as a Patrol team for the Imenti Forest.

To mark World Ranger Day, NGOs Tusk, NATURAL STATE and Global Wildlife Conservation have partnered with over 50 ranger units, the Game Rangers Association of Africa, The Thin Green Line, For Rangers, and the International Ranger Federation to launch the pan-African challenge.

The Scheinberg Relief Fund, the Challenge’s founding donor, has generously committed $5million of matching funds in support of rangers, with the goal of raising a total of $10 million and getting thousands of rangers back to full capacity. The Scheinberg Relief Fund was established in March 2020 by businessman and philanthropist, Mark Scheinberg, together with his family, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Our rangers are the eyes and ears of the forest and forest-dwelling animals. Our rangers are law enforcers, community liaison officers and researchers; collecting data that leads to management decisions. Our rangers are protectors of water sources and carbon sinks. Our rangers are conflict resolution specialists, they are fire fighters, fence technicians, first-aiders and educators.

The world’s rangers are the custodians of the most precious resources left on the planet.

We work in partnership with the Government Agencies on Mount Kenya and Imenti Forest Reserve. We run joint patrols and support the Rangers and activities of our partners. By helping our rangers you will be supporting the dedicated men and women who work with us too.
In addition to the Challenges that the Mount Kenya Trust Rangers will undertake running up to the half marathon run, we will add some of our own challenges so you can also raise funds and awareness with us on the 3rd of October with MKT or where ever you are! We’ll keep you posted. Follow our social media links below to keep updated!
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