New book on #Nairobi published by Architect Anders Ese


(Posted 11th August 2020)

Writes the author Anders Ese as his new book about Nairobi is released:

It’s taken a while, and been an amazing project to work on, but now it’s finally complete. The City Makers of Nairobi is now a bonafide physical (and digital) product! Available on Routledge, Amazon, and perhaps your local library if you ask them nicely. The book explores African contributions to urban developments in Nairobi during the colonial era. While the city’s cosmopolitan African population were indeed subject to European regulations, important parts of the city were created through African city making within and beyond the constraints of colonial ideals. This is a history of agency, diversity, and sense of ownership that calls for a reassessment of Nairobi residents’ relation to the contemporary city.

ATCNews is also trying to obtain either an e-copy or a physical copy for a book review and once that is done it will be shared here too, but for now, that is all we got!

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