The F.O.M.O. Travel Show visits Medina Palms in #Watamu


(Posted 21st August 2020)

Hard times require one to pamper themselves occasionally in order to stay sane. The act is necessary in order to stave off any potential emotional stagnation. Medina Palms is one such place that affords the luxury of space and that is what it offers it’s clients, the chance to buy into one of their islands of peace in the form of penthouses. I walked in on a Monday, optimistic that my experience here would be the kind that would upgrade me, I was not wrong.

Delicate filigree bay windows and miniature verandas and turquoise inner walls greet you as you enter the place, Tobacco-leaf shaped ceiling fans turn slowly dispersing the air in gentle waves. The reception gave way to an inner courtyard garden with a pool, into which the 2 bedroomed apartments faced, one of which would be mine for 3 days. My heels clicked on the cobble stones as we made our way to number 28, ornate white-washed double wooden carved doors heralding the promise of something impressive.

The apartment was a study in shades of white, clean and flowing around the spacious layout. Little Moroccan enclaves held the wall lights, highlighting the connection with the North African city from which it gets its name. There was a fully equipped kitchen as well as an ironing board in the twin room, making this place ideal for families, friends and those who do not want to feel like they are in a hotel, while still having the conveniences of hotel-life such as housekeeping.

Outside exploring again revealed an infinity pool that stretched from the upper level courtyard garden, slid down a giant oriental pavilion gate, and stretched in a series of pools down to the beach, mapping out the layout of the penthouses that run alongside it. Each penthouse is 3 stories high and houses their own personal plunge pool on the rooftop. How much more upgrading does one need? You have the option to purchase one of the 15 penthouses, 22 two-bedroomed apartments and 11 villas, rent them out, or use them as your holiday homes. The flexibility allows you to tailor your lifestyle exactly how you want it, something that can be considered as the ultimate form of pampering.

This feeling extends in the Sakina Ocean spa, that unfortunately was still closed when I got there due to COVID concerns. People are not ready to let others so close to their bodies at this time, but I am hoping to have the full experience whenever it re-opens. The same goes for the Amamdina restaurant that was also closed. Although the director Max Cheli (pronounced Keli) assured me that their take their food very seriously, him being Italian and all. I believe his complete sincerity in the strength of their culinary skills. Faith in oneself is essential to success.

Noise will not be tolerated here so don’t think about coming to party here. This is purely for R n R, no boom-twaff. It’s is a small price to pay as there is still lots of other things to do. I went kayaking, and in the process killed my Go-pro. But it was worth it. Climbing out of the kayak several meters from shore and tying it to your leg, plunging into the ocean and the salt burning your eyes, then climbing back in and pitting yourself against the waves was invigorating to say the least. And the watersports are free for residents so boredom is not an option.

And at $660 off peak the Ocean Villas luxury 4 bed with rooftop plunge pool and terrace, and stunning views of the ocean above the tree-tops, one feels like they have finally arrived.

Safarilink connects Watamu from Wilson Airport Nairobi with daily flights via Malindi and Vipingo from where road transport can be arranged at the time of booking accommodation.

For reservations at Medina Palms:

+254 718 152 999 or +254 737 152 999

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