#AirKenya also forced off routes into Tanzania


(Posted 28th August 2020)

Air Kenya, alongside Safarilink and others including Kenya Airways, have fallen victim to Tanzania’s unfortunately all too regular shenanigans of letting anti Kenya sentiments boil over and cloud proper judgement.
Flights by all these carriers are presently banned, a situation tourism stakeholders on both sides of the border have lamented over, as it clearly limits visiting potential to places like Zanzibar.
Air Kenya, through their Regional Air affiliate operation in Tanzania, had in the past given tourist visitors the option to fly into Tanzania and then take a Regional Air flight to their final destination in one of the national parks, but no longer.
Tanzania is regularly described as a #COVID19 pariah country as they stopped reporting case numbers already in late April, claiming that the raging pandemic has almost miraculously bypassed the country and that all is well, a claim strongly disputed by many Tanzania residents who however, in the face of draconian media and social media laws, do not dare to openly speak out.
It is for COVID19 reasons, and in line with international practice, that Kenya has not included Tanzania on the ‘Safe List‘ and ever keen to stir the animosity pot have Tanzanian aviation authorities, obviously on order from above, slapped Kenyan airlines with sanctions, again.

Air Kenya earlier today availed ATCNews a statement about this uncalled for situation but also covering their domestic Kenyan destinations Nanyuki and Masai Mara, which reads as follows:

We would like to thank all of you for your tremendous support and cooperation since our resumption of operations earlier this month. As demand for travel continues to pick up, we endeavour to keep you updated on requirements and procedures that we continue to adapt to ensure your health, safety and well being are safeguarded. We will also be updating you on our flights’ updates, adjustments and requirements.

Kindly take note of the following:


Kilimanjaro ServicesWe have suspended our Wilson – Kilimanjaro – Wilson flights effective immediately. This decision was reached following the suspension of our operations into the United Republic of Tanzania by TCAA due to the current Kenya/Tanzania Covid-19 standoff. We will update you once we receive permission to resume operations.

Nanyuki ServicesNanyuki Airstrip is undergoing renovations and repair works. Therefore, we are suspending our operations into the Nanyuki Civil Airstrip until we receive a greenlight from KCAA on resumption. In the meantime, we will be operating to and from Kamok Airstrip. For bookings, kindly liaise with our customer support team through the email address: resvns @ airkenya.com

Temporary Suspension of Operations into Mara – Olekiombo Airstrip
Mara Olekiombo (OLX) runway condition has deteriorated considerably. Effective 29th August 2020, we will cease operations into the airstrip until further notice. We kindly request that you get in touch with us in order to move your bookings to alternate Airstrips that will serve you better. Our Customer Email is resvns @ airkenya.com

Online Check-in

We would like to emphasize that we require all our customers to check-in online at www.airkenya.com. This promotes contactless service at our terminal, minimises queues at the boarding lounge and would save you a lot of time. We recommend all our partners – tour operators and travel agents to ensure that all passengers booked by them are checked in before dropping them off at the terminal.

Surgical Face Masks

In adherence to the protocols set by the Ministry of Health and Airports Authority, all travellers should wear a 3-ply surgical or higher grade face mask.
Passengers with Cloth masks will not be allowed at the check-in or in our aircraft, without changing to a surgical face mask.