Seychelles Islands Foundation takes over Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve


(Posted 07th September 2020)

Effective 01st of September has the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve, located on Praslin Island, come under the management of the Seychelles Islands Foundation.
The change was prompted by the retirement of the Chief Executive of Fond Ferdinand, giving SIF the dual task of managing the UNESCO World Heritage Site Vallee de Mai and now also the substantially larger Fond Ferdinand.

The Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve is six times larger than the better known Vallee de Mai with some 122 hectares of land. The number of the indigenous Coco de Mer palms is thought to be the same at both locations but the larger size of the nature reserve also allows for a larger number of indigenous species of plants, trees, birds and other ‘occupants‘.

The Seychelles Islands Foundation’s CEO, Mrs. Frauke Fleischer-Dogley, said: ‘SIF has already met with Fond Ferdinand’s staff all of whom have been kept on through new contracts and favourable conditions‘.

She went on to say that the opportunity to manage the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve will bring new opportunities for both SIF and the reserve and that extensive consultations with the neighbouring communities were planned to get vital input from the people living in the area for the future management of Fond Ferdinand.