#TripAdvisor’s 10 best beaches in #Africa


(Posted 08th September 2020)

(All pictures by ATCNews)

No doubt will the Seychelles be over the moon, given that TripAdvisor in their current top beach destinations names a staggering six of their famous beaches among Africa’s top ten including positions 1 and 3.
The other slots are filled by a beach on Cabo Verde, claiming second place, two beaches from South Africa claiming spots 4 and 10 and one beach from Zanzibar, claiming 6th spot.
Perhaps Kenya was not active enough in having their hundreds of thousands of visitors to her spectacular beaches actually vote for them, as is the case with Mozambique, also home to some of the most stunning beaches along Africa’s Eastern seaboard.
But, that said, public votes or not, those who ever set foot on the white powder sand beaches of Diani in Kenya, they will always rank this spot on the Indian Ocean shores as their own favourite without taking anything away from the 2020 winners announced by TripAdvisor.
Notably did not one single beach from Africa make it into the top 25 World Beaches, again blamed by pundits for the lack of voting and the lesser visitor numbers to Africa’s beach destinations – including Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar and others – compared to the more popular, and perhaps overrun beach destinations elsewhere.

With these TripAdvisor votes it is simply numbers which matter, not necessarily quality, and Kenya should take comfort in the fact that perhaps for the 2021 vote they can do better.

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