#AirSeychelles prepares for additional repatriation flights


(Posted 16th September 2020)

Air Seychelles is planning to operate a special flight from Seychelles to Bangladesh to facilitate the travel of Bangladeshi nationals to their home.
To further evaluate the demand to operate the flight, travellers are invited to register their interest via www.airseychelles.com or contact +248 4391000 to receive up-to-date information.
As a mitigation against the spread of COVID-19 upon arrival in Bangladesh, travellers holding a valid visa will need to produce a negative COVID-19 certificate with English translation conducted within 72 hours of their travel.
For those possessing the No Visa Required (NVR) certificate failing to produce the negative COVID-19 certificate, mandatory quarantine in a government facility for 14 days upon arrival will apply.

In regards to travellers holding both the NVR and the negative COVID-19 certificate, the 14 day self- quarantined policy will need to be followed. Note in all three cases exemption will be made for children below 10 years old.
Due to the dynamism of the COVID-19 pandemic, all flights will be subjected to the approval of the government including regulatory approval as well as that of the health authorities at each destination.

Meanwhile has Air Lanka operated a repatriation flights for Sri Lankan citizens wishing to return home, with some 200 taking advantage of the offer. The flight operated earlier this week. The last such flight operated way back in June this year when already some 250 Sri Lankans returned home.

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