Blue Swan Daily Aviation News merges with the Corporate Travel Community


(Posted 16th September 2020)

In the coming days, Blue Swan Daily will merge with our dedicated corporate travel buyer network, the Corporate Travel Community (CTC) to create a single comprehensive global platform and further enhance the wealth of resources available to you and our growing global membership base.

This merge will provide you with unparalleled access to strategic intelligence, research and data resources available all in one place. By combining the strengths of the Corporate Travel Community’s training, virtual events and network with Blue Swan Daily’s highly respected news and analysis platform, we’re able to create the most comprehensive corporate travel hub that covers all corners of the globe.

You will notice some changes, the most important being that all future Blue Swan Daily news and analysis will now appear on There will be no changes to your daily regional newsletter subscription, and you will receive these in your inbox as per usual.

We look forward to continuing to bring you our informed opinion, news and the latest travel industry developments around the world. To view the Corporate Travel Community’s new hub or become a CTC Member, you can visit the website at

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