#BreakingNews as #UgandaAirlines joins #IATA clearing house before relaunch


(Posted 30th September 2020)

ATCNews has received confirmation that Uganda Airlines has, effective 01st of October – the day when scheduled passenger flight operations resume – been admitted to the airline clearing house, in short ACH.
IATA – Uganda Airlines’ membership application is being processed – too has confirmed to member airlines that the airline has accomplished this crucially important objective which allows it to ‘trade’ with other airlines.

Said the Uganda Airlines’ CEO Cornwell Muleya just days ago to ATCNews when asked about the various membership applications:

Q: When we last spoke we discussed memberships in IATA, the IATA clearing house (ICH) and AFRAA but also Uganda Airline’s work progress to secure that quintessential IOSA certification from IATA. This is today almost a prerequisite to enter into commercial arrangements with other airlines such as interlining or the next stage, code shares. Where does Uganda Airlines stand right now on these points?

Unfortunately Covid19 has affected the IOSA program worldwide and many airlines have to get renewals and so start-up audits have been pushed back until this is completed. However, we have already taken steps to join the IATA Billing Settlement Plans in many jurisdictions including Europe and also applied for the ICH membership. Regardless of our pending IOSA program we have still pursued bilateral interline relationships with many carriers and been quite successful already with that process. We are looking to do more as we wait for the situation to normalise.

Congratulations are in order to have successfully pursued the application and met all the stringent criteria IATA and the clearing house require from new applicants.

Read the full interview here:

Ahead of the launch of scheduled passenger flights into and out of Entebbe has the Uganda CAA also once again reiterated their now applicable standard operating procedures, giving guidance to passengers what is expected of them in regard of compliance with the new health and safety operations.

Airlines and the Uganda CAA recommend for passengers to be at the airport at least four hours ahead of their scheduled departure to allow for enough time to clear all the various security, health and safety checkpoints and be able, in case of any unforeseen developments, to still be able to resolve challenges which might otherwise prevent a traveler from boarding their flight.

ATCNews again wishes Uganda Airlines the best of success as the carrier returns to the skies over East Africa tomorrow and Happy Landings, always!

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