#BrusselsAirlines returns to Entebbe


(Posted 04th October 2020)

Brussels Airlines, a member of the Lufthansa Group, last night returned to Entebbe in Uganda, after the reopening of the international airport for scheduled passenger flights on the 01st of October.

While the airline had originally intended to resume flights already in mid July – when other international airports in the region had opened or were about to open – had the Ugandan government other plans, thus delaying the return of the Belgian flag carrier.

The Airbus A330-300 – the larger of the two versions operated by Brussels Airlines – left Brussels yesterday morning at 14.57 hrs (p.m.) and arrived after a non stop flight in Entebbe at 23.56 hrs (p.m.), both times local. Flying time for flight SN467 was 7 hours and 59 minutes during which the aircraft traveled a distance of 3.876 nautical miles.

After disembarking passengers destined for Uganda did the aircraft then proceed to Kigali / Rwanda, where the crew is for the time being taking a night stop, before resuming the return journey from Kigali via Entebbe to Brussels on Sunday evening.

This evening, Sunday the 04th of October, will Brussels Airlines then offer their first – non repatriation – scheduled passenger flight out of Uganda, SN468, since the airport was closed on the 22nd of March this year.

Brussels Airlines will initially operate two weekly services – down from daily pre-pandemic – and the second flight SN1455/6 will route from Brussels via Bujumbura to Entebbe, according to the latest information received.
This will also connect Burundi for the first time directly to Europe again, one of the few options Burundians have at present to travel abroad or else return home.

From mid December to mid January has the airline planned a third weekly frequency and traffic day details and routing are to be confirmed in due course.

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