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Courtesy of Tamara Britten

(Posted 07th October 2020)

Dear ATCNews Readers,

We’re delighted to let you know that Kenya has reopened for international tourism. Not only that, but the country is winning accolades for its safe tourism practises. First the World Travel and Tourism Council awarded Kenya a Global Safe Travel stamp then Safer Tourism gave Kenya the first ever Safer Tourism Seal

Dr. Peter Tarlow of Safer Tourism told Tourism Minister Balala: ‘It’s with tremendous pride that we provide you with the Safer Tourism Seal. It doesn’t just speak highly of you, but it speaks highly of Kenya. Kenya is a very special place where people truly care. You are a symbol of this.’

We feel privileged that our government locked down so quickly, protected its citizens and kept covid cases low, and later issued strict directives for tourism operators to comply with before they were permitted to reopen. All the safari camps, beach resorts and hotels we work with have undergone stringent checks and we feel confident they are providing their services in a way that is appropriate to the current situation.

While many of Karibu Kenya’s enticing yoga retreats have sadly been cancelled this year, a few are going ahead in compliance with strict safety regulations. Melissa, Ciaran and Richard led a successful retreat at the beautiful Suiyan Soul in August. If you missed that one, don’t worry. The team are planning another in October!
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Should you prefer to practise yoga online, Tamara, founder of Karibu Kenya and Exclusive Ethiopia and a 400-hour certified yoga teacher, leads a playful vinyasa flow session online every Sunday at 11am East Africa time. Since she’s often on the road, these classes come to you from destinations around Kenya so you can enjoy travelling from your arm-chair – or yoga mat. In the last month Tamara has led yoga sessions from Lamu, Mt Kenya and the plains of the Maasai Mara. Contact her for the zoom log-in: Tamara.
Yoga with Tamara
If you’d like to do your Yoga Teacher Training online, Samantha, founder of One Yoga, Emma, founder of Kanga Yoga, Leyla and Payal, co-founders of Karuna Yoga Journeys, offer online courses. Check out our yoga retreats, holidays and teacher trainings here:

Since the lockdown ended, Tamara has been travelling all over Kenya visiting the newly reopened camps, resorts and hotels, checking their safety protocols and making sure that Karibu Kenya’s information is scrupulously up to date. On her travels, she’s constantly on the lookout for new and exciting venues and is excited to have found two retreats: Kawamwaki Retreat Centre at Tigoni just outside Nairobi and Karichota Retreat on the slopes of Mt Kenya. Both provide artists, writers and yoga retreats, and are serene and stunning spaces to work on your next masterpiece or simply relax and get away from it all.

The first of a series of retreats at Kawamwaki took place on 19th September. The retreat started with a morning yoga session led by Tamara followed by a scrumptious three-course vegan brunch provided by the fabulous Boho Eatery. Optional afternoon activities included horse riding, nature walk or Tamara’s arm balance workshop.


An exciting new development in the Maasai Mara is Ride Maasai Mara. The team handpicked their horses from safari destinations around Africa and transported them to Kenya towards the end of 2019. During lockdown, these lucky horses have been in Maanzoni, just outside Nairobi, getting to know each other, galloping across the savannah, and becoming accustomed to meeting zebra, giraffe and impala on their daily excursions. In late August they travelled to their state-of-the-art stables in Olerai Conservancy on the edge of the Maasai Mara. Since then they’ve been getting acclimatised to their new home, swimming in the streams, and meeting the locals: gazelles, warthogs and wildebeest to name but a few. With a spacious paddock and training arena, and the huge Olerai Conservancy, these very special horses have plenty to explore. Riding safaris will open to the public on 1st October. Contact Karibu Kenya to book your horse riding adventure.

The migration is now in full swing and wildebeest, zebra and other plains game are flooding across the Maasai Mara. Few who visit the Mara miss seeing a crossing. We’re in constant contact with all the camps and are confident we have the best rates and special offers. See www.karibukenya.co.uk for the best prices at camps in the Mara – and all over Kenya. If you can’t get to the Mara right now, join us for a free live safari on Saturday 24th October.

Together with Sinja Stotzner of Travel with Sinja, Tamara is producing a Travel Guide for Women giving all the tips and tricks for travelling here safely, smoothly and enjoyably. They will be hosted by the beautiful Naibor Camp in a prime game viewing area of the Maasai Mara. For a sneak preview of what they’re offering, join the live safari and be transported to the Maasai Mara direct from your living room!

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Ethiopia has just celebrated its new year and entered the year 2013. The country is carefully reopening for tourism and we’re excited to start taking bookings again. If you’d like to visit Ethiopia but are unsure where to go, get in touch and we’d be happy to help: www.exclusiveethiopia.com We’re planning a bunch of special interest holidays in Ethiopia in the coming months. Award-winning photographer Trai Anfield will guide a trip on which you’ll not only see the magnificent sites of Ethiopia but learn to capture them with stunning shots, returning home with holiday snaps to make your friends gasp. Exclusive Ethiopia founders, Tamara and Mulie, will lead a trip around the historic north during which Mulie will speak about the sites and the history while Tamara will lead yoga sessions at hand-picked destinations. And don’t forget Ethiopia’s flamboyant and colourful festivals – should you wish to visit for one of these, you’ll add a dimension to your holiday you might never have dreamt of.
See Tamara’s recent article about Ethiopia’s exotic festivals, published by ATC News.

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