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Navigating the pandemic: AFRA A Actions highlights
Naviguer en pleine pandémie: ’essentiel des actions entreprises par l’AFRAA
From the start of the pandemic, AFRAA has taken various initiatives and actions in close collaboration with key air transport institutions, partners and stakeholders to find workable solutions for resilience to the pandemic and for post recovery efforts.
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A sky full of clouds? How COVID-19 is shaking up Africa’s airline landscape and how to transform airline business models towards future-readiness
Un ciel plein de nuages? Comment le COVID-19 bouscule le paysage du transport aérien en Afrique et comment transformer et préparer les modèles économiques des compagnies aériennes pour le futur
Doomed for insolvency?
In late April 2020, Kenya Airways CEO Allan Kilavuka stated in an interview with How we made it in Africa that he expects Air Mauritius to be only “the first of many airlines in Africa that will enter voluntary administration”.
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African airlines: practical steps to pilot through the COVID-19 crisis!
Compagnies aeriennes africaines: des mesures practiques pour naviguer à travers la crise du COVID-19!
The H1N1 is the only pandemic in the recent years recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), besides of course the current COVID-19’s.

La grippe H1N1 est la seule pandémie la plus récente, reconnue par l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS), outre bien sûr l’actuel COVID-19.

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Interview with Jens Ziesel, Regional Director for Africa and Turkey, Avionics Collins Aerospace
Entretien avec le directeur régional pour l’Afrique et la Turquie, Division Avionique, chez Collins Aerospace, Jens Ziesel
Collins Aerospace’s tagline is: ‘Aerospace Redefined.’ What does this mean?
Well, it began in 2018 with the merger of legacy Rockwell Collins and legacy United Technologies Aerospace Systems.

Le slogan de Collins Aerospace est: «L’aéronautique redéfinie» Qu’est-ce que cela signifie?
Eh bien, il a été lancé en 2018 avec la fusion de l’ancienne Rockwell Collins et de l’ancienne United Technologies Aerospace Systems.

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The future is low-touch and mobile–easier,safer and more efficient for everyone
L’avenir sera fait de technologies «à contact réduit» et «mobiles» – plus faciles à utiliser, plus sécurisées et plus efficaces pour tous
Our world and our industry are currently facing exceptional challenges.
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A ‘new normal’: The changing face of air transport post-COVID-19
Une «nouvelle normalité»: le nouveau visage du transport aérien post-COVID-19
Over the past few weeks, as countries scrambled to stop the spread of the pandemic and keep their citizens safe, there has been a concerted and global effort to contain the movement of people.
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Airlines taxes, fees and charges in Africa
According to World Travel and Tourism Council, the global travel and tourism sector generated 10.4% of all global activities in 2018, contributing 8.8 trillion US dollars to the global economy and supporting 319 million jobs.
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Creativity during crisis: Strategies for network and fleet planning

This article is part of our Sabre Insights series in which we examine the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 across the aviation landscape. Here, Sabre experts give advice on how to infuse creativity into crisis management by offering new ways of thinking about network and fleet planning during the crisis and the path to recovery.

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AFRAA COVID-19 impact assessment
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News update | Les brèves
ATR achieves major milestone
ATR franchit une étape importante
As part of the validation for the certification process of the ATR 42-500 with modification 5948 in China a certification flight test took-off and landed from Francazal airport in Toulouse. The flight is a major step toward ATR type certification validation in China, expected in autumn 2020.
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Boeing recognised for sustainability leadership
Boeing reconnu pour son leadership en matière de durabilité
Boeing received a 2020 Sustainability Leadership Award from the National Association of Manufacturers. The award recognises the company’s innovative efforts to recycle aerospace carbon fiber, diverting waste away from landfills across the globe.
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GE90 engine surpasses 100 million hours
Le moteur GE90 dépasse 100 millions d’heures
GE Aviation’s massive GE90 engine has surpassed 100 million flight hours. In November, the aircraft engine will mark 25 years in service. Under the wings of the Boeing 777 family, the GE90 engine reached the 100-million- hour mark averaging more than 4 million hours a year.
In other updates, GE Aviation is offering a new health credential application, Health Application ID, for the aviation industry to address COVID-19 related safety concerns.
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