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Addressing the needs of airports & tourism boards to kickstart 2021

This 2-hour workshop will discuss the current outlook on travel recovery, how tourism boards can increase awareness by accessing global travel demand. We will look at case studies from Milan and Budapest to see how market share was gained in Summer 2020.

Breakout sessions will allow in-depth discussions on how to increase tourism, how the airport can become a virtual hub and gaining competitive advantage through use of travel data insights.

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Regional airports in Ireland to receive a significant cash injection from government

Ms Naughton announced that Donegal, Kerry and Knock airports would receive €21.3 million from the State in 2021. They will use the funding to support public service routes from Dublin to Donegal and Kerry, as well as spending on extending their facilities.

Combined with the €10 million allocated to Cork and Shannon, regional airports will get a total of €31.3 million from the Government next year.

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Who Is Sean Doyle – British Airways’ New Chief Executive?
On October 12th, International Airlines Group (IAG) announced changes to its senior management team with immediate effect. The biggest news was the stepping-down of Alex Cruz from his role as chief executive of British Airways. Stepping into the role is Sean Doyle, Aer Lingus chairman, and chief executive. So who is Sean Doyle, and what kind of experience is he bringing to British Airways?

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Covid-19: It is safe to fly

As it looks beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest challenges for the global aviation community has been the need to restore passenger confidence.

Whether it’s in the terminal building or onboard an aircraft, airports and airlines are constantly battling against concern from passengers over the risk of disease transmission. This is further exacerbated by haphazard, restrictive international travel bans and blanket quarantines.

So, it’s welcome news that after a six-month analysis of the air travel industry’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, Flight Safety Foundation has concluded that industry efforts have succeeded in greatly reducing the possibility of transmission in airports and on aircraft.

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Consultants’ Corner: why is Italy’s domestic market down by ‘only’ 30%?

For a country that is 1,300 kilometres long, Italy has 22 airports with more than one million passengers each – a staggering number.

In 2019, 193 million passengers were carried throughout the country, an overall increase of 4% against the previous year.

Then coronavirus happened.

And, as with the rest of the world, Italy has experienced a significant drop in traffic, down by close to 70% between January and August.

However, something that not many have noticed is that domestic passengers reduced by ‘only’ 30% in August 2020 versus the same month last year.

This is much stronger than any other EU country and it is very close to China, whose aviation system has had much more time to recover than most other nations.

The Italian domestic bubble, in essence, seems to be working well. But why?

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Ryanair’s New podcast

Inside Ryanair is the official podcast of Ryanair, Europe’s Number One Airline. Every week we will provide listeners with a weekly discussion with some of the business brains from inside Ryanair HQ, as well as some fresh perspective on the events, news and trends that are shaping the business and the aviation world in general.

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AviaDev has been delivering digital content to the industry for over 5 years.

With a team of experienced professionals, AviaDev has established itself as a trusted platform offering insight and bringing together key voices from the aviation sector.

AviaDev has many digital solutions depending on your needs, we listen and advise you on the best platform to achieve your objectives. In the past this has included:

  • Deliver LinkedIn training and coaching to develop your personal brand or team’s effectiveness at utilising the platform.
  • Record and promote a podcast or webinar to showcase your company’s product or service
  • Online training courses / masterclasses
  • Virtual invitational only round table meetings
  • Virtual Events on a tested platform to bring together your stakeholders or clients
  • Video Interviews
  • Report Distribution

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