Faked #COVID19 Negative Certificates lead to arrests in #Entebbe


(Posted 19th October 2020)

Information is emerging from Entebbe International Airport that at least 11 wannabe travelers were arrested, when presenting what appeared to be faked COVID19 negative certificates.
Health and Safety Regulations in Uganda presently require every traveler wanting to fly out of the country or else leave the country through land borders to show evidence of being COVID19 negative, with the test results taken within 72 hours before departure.
The government has listed a number of facilities and laboratories approved for such tests to be carried out from which travelers can select a facility conveniently located near them or else on cost or time considerations.
Three women and eight men were arrested as they tried to enter the airport building and then taken to the airport police station where they are undergoing interrogation while the origin of their certificates is being investigated by security and health officials.
A significant number of wannabe travelers were also not allowed to enter the airport departure section for check in since the airport reopened on the 01st of October, when they presented valid certificates but which were issued beyond the 72 hour time limit, in most cases earlier by several days.

It cannot be stressed enough that the cut off time is the moment the test is being conducted at the clinic or laboratory, NOT the time the results are released to the individual. From the moment the test is taken the 72 hours countdown and departure must fall into this window of opportunity or else check in will be denied.

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