#Tanzania announces park fee and concession fee increases for 2021


(Posted 19th October 2020)

Visitors to Tanzania’s national parks can, from the 01st of July 2021, expect substantial increases in fees following the announcement by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in August this year.
The new fee structure is published above and below and intending travelers and tour agencies should consult with their hotel groups and safari operators in Tanzania what impact this will have on already quoted prices for safaris.
East Africans planning to visit the Selous Game Reserve, renamed into Nyerere National Park, can expect a more than four fold increase in fees from July next year while residents of Tanzania will face an increase of nearly 26 percent. Non resident visitors to the Selous will face the highest increase with nearly 72 percent.

For the Serengeti National Park will fees for East African visitors remain the same at 47.200 TShs but foreign residents in Tanzania have to pay some 19 percent more to enter the park. Foreign non resident visitors face an increase of 17.6 percent, a combination of raised park entrance and concession fees the hotels and lodges have to pay including VAT.

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  1. With great regret we receive the news on Park fee increases. At a time That guests are not booking and the world is facing an economic crisis. This increase will result in that other countries will Benefit from this. Tanzania is pricing itself out of the market. I urge the government to rethink thier strategy.

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