#ATTA – The African Travel and Tourism Association – launches new membership category


(Posted 05th November 2020)

ATTA® earlier today announced the launch of an additional category of membership – The Solo Membership.

Aimed at bringing in a new and diverse type of African Travel & Tourism Professional, the new category welcomes those who run their own business independently, are self-employed or are currently between jobs. Solo Membership is a global membership and not country specific however, applicants must have experience of working within Africa Tourism. For example, but not limited to: Independent Consultants, Private Guides, Web Designers, Photographers, Copywriters, Freelance Consultants, Solo Retailers, Independent Reps, PRs

Solo by name, solo by nature – not more than 1 person!

We are not only here to provide a platform for Africa Travel & Tourism professionals, but to introduce a selection of relevant professional service providers to our members as we believe they can add real value. By working together we can enhance our respective businesses and knowledge, especially relevant in our current situation.

ATTA® has always, and will always be, a membership driven organisation and we look forward to welcoming those who work independently in our industry to the ATTA community.

More information is available on the ATTA website here: https://www.atta.travel/solo-membership-application/

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