Defunct ‘FlyAfrica’ back in the bad news


(Posted 17th November 2020)

News have emerged from Harare / Zimbabwe that – for all purposes defunct – Fly Africa has been taken to court once again, this time for failing to settle an outstanding 4 million US Dollars loan facility.

Fly Africa has a checkered history and the original version, regularly reported about by ATCNews up to their eventual demise in 2015, had even threatened legal action but in the absence of any wrong reporting by ATCNews failed to get anywhere.
The airline went dormant until one Cassidy Mugwagwa, misguided to the extreme and poorly advised, bought the name rights of the company and tried to revive the venture.

Not counting on the bad name Fly Africa had earned in the marketplace, did the revived airline promptly run into regulatory and commercial problems and recertification failed in 2018, even though Mugwagwa according to aviation sources in Harare kept on bragging he would continue to press for a relaunch.

Failing to repay an initial 2.9 million US Dollar loan was the company eventually sued by the Mauritian firm Blossom View Holdings, claiming, including interest and cost a sum of 4 million US Dollars. The company in their suit and related applications to court also claims not to have received the agreed shareholding in Nu Aero, the company name under which Fly Africa trades.

All eyes are now on the Zimbabwean judiciary to see if justice will prevail and the shenanigans of Fly Africa Version 1.0 and Fly Africa Version 2.0 can finally be put to an end.

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