#Uganda opens the testing window to 120 hours before a flight


(Posted 23rd November 2020)


Trying to save money by pretending a #COVID19 test was required to ascertain one’s status and then using the certificate for travel will with immediate effect be stopped and all those wishing to travel will have to pay the required fees before they are issued with a ‘Travel Negative Certificate‘.
At the same time has the Ministry of Health relaxed the challenging 72 hour period from taking a sample to the time of travel to 120 hours, giving travelers ample time to get tested and get their results in time.

Travel to and from Uganda has taken root again with increasing numbers of passengers although international airlines are far from the pre-pandemic traffic levels with substantially reduced capacities in regard of flight numbers and in some cases even the aircraft deployed.

Uganda, depending on tourism earnings – now more than ever before – to boost the standing of the Uganda Shilling, jobs and added investments has been looking more closely at the domestic tourism element but it is the foreign tourists who come to the country to spend the big bucks.
Adventure tourism, primate tourism, cultural tourism and mainstream safari tourism are the main elements marketed abroad though the lack of ‘air corridors‘ to the major European, American and Asian source markets have been an impediment to bring tourists back to the Pearl of Africa in greater numbers.

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