Achola Rosario’s fond memories of D.D’s. Bistro and Bar in Diani Beach


(Posted 29th November 2020)

I have often said that simplicity is the key to a really good dish, but think I lied. It is knowing how to pick, treat and combine your ingredients in a manner that compliment each one without overwhelming the other. The result is a combination of flavors that seem to be made for each other.

Sitting in the corner of Shree Supermarket and plaza in Diani Beach, is a cute brand-new little restaurant that is perfect for a little self-love. Times are hard and pockets are lean, but that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t be kind to oneself. And this is the perfect place to do so. Run by a lovely retired couple who don’t want to be named, it is open and yet discreet, planter trellises obscuring the view of passing traffic without taking away the light and fresh air, blue-washed French cottage chairs with fern pattern cushions, 4-seater octagon shaped picnic benches that have been reduced to 2 for COVID compliance, permanently smiling staff and light banter from the couple next to me sharing a carafe of decent red wine. I settled at my “suka-mat” adorned table and perused the menu.

The menu was a delightful surprise, full of old English faithfuls like bangers and mash with fried onions and gravy, quaintly French snacks such as a Camembert cheese sandwich served in warm a home-made baguette, as well as the shockingly well priced Bismark Steak, a minute steak served with fried eggs, chips and grilled tomatoes, all for $6. I opted for the special I saw on the chalk-board when I walked in: Shimoni crab with Chinese rice. Shimoni is part of the nearby islands in Diani beach along with Wasini, where locals depend entirely on fishing. Their crabs are famous for being large and meaty, perfect for a full meal. It was my first time having crab and I was not too excited, having sampled crab-sticks and hated them for their plastic consistency and flavor. Nothing like what hit my mouth when I took a forkful.

The meat was flaked and cooked in coconut, garlic, ginger and chili and then served back in its shell, with the pincers lightly cracked to aid you in accessing the flesh inside. It was perfectly moist, not overcooked, delicate yet hot and spicy, with the Chinese vegetable rice being the perfect foil. I normally don’t like food without some kind of sauce, but the way this was cooked was enough to bring out your own inner juices. Watch out for pieces of shell as you chow down, we don’t want an accident to ruin a good meal. I forgot my manners and ate off all my lipstick.

For what it is, D.D.’s has a lot of potential. I suggested in my video review that they could do with amping up the décor a notch or two in order to make people linger. I have found in my travels that places that have a piece of the owners’ personality displayed in the décor, tend to last longer in the market. And this is the kind of place I am hoping maintains its standards long enough to permanently worm itself into people’s hearts. The interior of the restaurant is entirely handed over to the kitchen, demonstrating how seriously they take their cooking. All the seating is in the wrap around veranda, and they are building a new “choma-zone” on the rooftop, so you can enjoy fresh BBQ without choking on smoke. And I must recommend the Pink Lemonade, a mocktail of epic juiciness. They blend fresh strawberries, fresh orange and lemon juice, with a dash of lime and sugar syrup. They nailed the amount of lemon juice added to the drink, making it refreshing without being overly tart, with the strawberries bringing in an element of sweet and sour bounce that dances in your veins.

Just what you need before you hit the hot beach.

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Eat well.

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