– South Africa: Update on travel/tourism-related Covid-19 regulations under level one lockdown

The Government of South Africa has updated its travel/tourism-related Covid-19 regulations under the country’s level one lockdown. According to the Government Gazette No. 43954 (03 December 2020), the rules for both entering and leaving South Africa, the tests required, as well as the quarantine periods have been updated.

Persons exiting South Africa:

  • A person exiting South Africa through a point of entry must be subjected to screening, including the completion of a traveller health questionnaire
  • A person who, during screening, is found to have had exposure to Covid-19 or is presenting with any signs and symptoms of Covid-19 must be subjected to a medical examination which may include testing;
  • Based on the outcome of this medical examination, the Director-General of Health or any delegated person may make a decision on whether or not the person is allowed to exit South Africa
  • Persons found to have contracted Covid-19 pursuant to testing, must be placed under mandatory isolation or hospitalisation
  • Persons placed under isolation may be permitted to self-isolate at their own private residence if they comply with the prescribed criteria.


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