Uganda Airlines to launch Kinshasa flights on 18th of December


(Posted 10th December 2020)

In just over a week will Uganda Airlines launch flights to their next continental destination, Kinshasa.
Effective 18th of December will the airline serve the route initially three times a week, leaving Entebbe every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and returning the same day.
Regular aircraft will be the two class – Business and Economy – CRJ900 although it is expected that, once the new Airbus A330-800Neo is delivered, it will also make appearances across the network to showcase Africa’s first such aircraft and show the local business and travel communities what to expect on board.
Uganda Airlines is presently already in overdrive with their sales activities across all their destinations, the teams led by Commercial Director Roger Wamara. They are hard selling connectivity via Entebbe from January onwards, when Dubai will be launched as the carrier’s first long haul, intercontinental service.

It was also established that come January, Uganda Airlines will launch a four times a week service from Entebbe via Lusaka to Johannesburg, with traffic days yet to be confirmed.
Again, aircraft of choice will be the CRJ900, offering Business and Economy Class, though the A338Neo will also make one or several appearances in South Africa, to give travelers from there a clear picture what to expect when they transit in Entebbe on to the airline’s flights to (first) Dubai and later to London and China.

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