#SerengetiWatch looks back at 10 years of struggles

Greetings, ATCNews Readers,

This month marks our 10th Anniversary.

We were born out of necessity to oppose a disastrous highway across the Serengeti. It had to be stopped, and it was. But only with the support of aware and generous people like you.

Photo: Boyd Norton
Please stay involved to meet ever increasing challenges,
even a revived highway threat.
Donate securely online.

Or send a check payable to:

Serengeti Watch / Earth Island Institute
706 Cayuga Heights Road
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

Serengeti Watch is a project of the Earth Island Institute, which has earned the highest rating on Charity Navigator and a Platinum Seal of Transparency by Guidestar.
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Friends of Serengeti
If you’re thinking about a safari, contact one or more of our members here!
Serengeti Watch is working to promote tourism through our travel company association, Friends of Serengeti. Members pay dues and ask their travelers to donate for conservation.
Serengeti Watch | 706 Cayuga Heights Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

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