#AFRAA appoints African aviation icon Raphael Kuuchi as Director Government, Legal and Industry Affairs


(Posted 05th January 2020)

AFRAA, the African Airlines Association based in Nairobi, has confirmed the appointment of Mr. Raphael Kuuchi as their new Director for Government, Legal and Industry Affairs.
Raphael built his sterling reputation during the years when he worked for IATA in Africa as Vice President, before, upon his retirements, rejoining IATA in a consulting capacity as ‘Special Envoy to Africa on Aero-Political Affairs‘.
Raphael already worked for AFRAA as Director Commercial from 2005 to 2010 before then taking on the portfolio of Corporate and Industry Affairs he held until early 2014.
From AFRAA he then joined IATA as Vice President for Africa.
ATCNews wishes Raphael well in his latest appointment, happy that an individual with such extensive knowledge about aviation in general and aviation in Africa in particular remains rooted in the industry.

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