Kenya now also demands PCR Negative test prior to leaving the country


(Posted 12th January 2021)

Effective beginning of 2021 did Kenya’s Visa rules change, when the Visa On Arrival facility was scrapped, compelling all visitors to apply for Visa online in advance. Airlines are complying with this rule now and only allow passengers destined for Kenya to board flights to Nairobi or Mombasa when travelers have an e-Visa in their possession.

Departing travelers, in another change of rules, now also require a mandatory PCR test, even if their own destination country does not (yet) demand for one.
This rule is effective since yesterday, 11th of January, and it is understood that travelers returning from safari to Nairobi for an immediate flight home are presently struggling to have the test performed and the results obtained before their scheduled departure.
Kenya’s testing and reporting format follows the PanaBios system and those tested negative must also be in possession of a TT code which can be verified by airlines and port health authorities, in good part aimed to avoid forgeries.
Laboratories, which until now have not worked along this method, must now comply without any period of adjustment or else are no longer able to certify the status of a traveler.

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority published two days ago an AIC – short for Aeronautical Information Services – guideline how to go about the new requirements, which must have travelers access the internet and for good measure find a printer to get to the respective website and perform the various steps.


One tour operator in regular contact with ATCNews has, without going on record, said that he is now scrambling to bring departing passengers returning from an upcountry safari location, back to Nairobi a day early to have them comply with the new requirements, which between the notice by the KCAA left them with just one day to implement and comply.

Fast tracked PCR tests, at a greater cost of course than regular tests, take less than 24 hours to get the results, then to be followed by the procedures to generate a travelers individual travel code.

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