#Seychelles government imposes night curfew


(Posted 25th January 2021)

A sharp rise in #COVID19 case numbers, largely spread among local communities and notably across the main islands of the archipelago, has the Seychelles government now hit the brakes and imposed both a night time curfew as well as added movement restrictions.

The order also affects tourists who may now only swim in the ocean and go to the beach directly in front of their hotel or resort but no longer wander along the beach to other locations.
Visitors are now also no longer permitted to make use of water sports facilities nor can use recreational or entertainment facilities, severely restricting their options while on vacation in the Seychelles. At the same time has shopping been curtailed as shops frequented by tourist visitors also have to close in accordance with the latest set of restrictions issued:

Locals also face additional restrictions and may no longer visit friends, neighbours or relatives, effectively putting a partial lockdown in place.

Although the order under section 6.8 also directs that Spa’s have to remain closed was it not immediately clear if this also applies to hotel and resort Spa facilities which are normally accessible to tourist visitors. Many visitors coming to the islands even prebook their Spa treatments as part of their holiday experience and should such facilities have to remain closed will yet another attraction be off limits for tourists.

The orders remain in place, for now, until the 15th of February

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