Uganda Airlines begins to market long haul destinations in earnest


(Posted 26th January 2021)

As the rollout of continental routes across Africa continues – next to be launched will be flights from Entebbe via Lusaka to Johannesburg (presently delayed due to COVID19 restrictions on air transport by the South African government) – is the airline now also turning its attention to the planned long haul destinations.

A second Airbus A330-800Neo is expected to arrive in Uganda within a week from now and both wide body aircraft, configured in a superior three class layout of Business, Premium Economy and Economy classes, will then be gradually deployed on long haul routes to the Middle East, Europe, India and China.

First to be launched will be Dubai and the next destinations will in part be determined on the local pandemic situation and subsequent travel restrictions with special reference to flights to London.
Services to Mumbai and Guangzhou, which in 2020 became one of the busiest airports in the world, are expected to be served together and application for traffic rights between the two cities are pending.

Launch dates to the new intercontinental destinations will be published by in due course.

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