The Observatory is set to launch ‘Cloud 9’


(Posted 31st January 2021)

The Observatory by GeoLodges Africa is getting ready to launch their latest addition to this unique lodge which is set at the edge of the easternmost part of the Great African Rift Valley.
Set apart from the main house has a new cabin been constructed, aptly named ‘Cloud 9‘, secluded and hidden from view while giving guests that amazing scenery below and beyond. That view includes a glimpse of Maramagambo Forest, Lake Nyamusingiri, Lake Edward, the Kazinga Channel, Lake George and of course the Blue Mountains of Congo and the Rwenzori Mountains while below Queen Elizabeth National Park spreads from horizon to horizon.

Long a hidden secret only known to connoisseurs of traveling Uganda privately has the lodge become much more popular in recent years, especially after a swimming pool and sauna were added.

The self catering concept has taken root and visitors coming alone, as a couple, as a group of friends or as a family can decide on their own menus, ingredients brought along from home.

Vegetables, fruits, eggs and even chicken can all be purchased locally and the staff at the Observatory will be more than happy to arrange for deliveries of fresh greens and other produce.

The new cottage is located below the main house and can only be reached through a walkway, ensuring privacy for guests like in few other places across Uganda’s safari circuit. Equipped with a kitchen and of course self contained does the new ‘suite’ offer a sitting and dining area as well as a bedroom area with a queen sized bed and a single bed, easily sleeping a family of four.

Bookings can be placed through the GeoLodges Africa, for the new cottage, for the main house as well as for the entire property on an exclusive basis. The drive from Kampala, on generally good new highways – use the bypass around Mbarara to save time – takes about 6 hours and once there plenty of activities are available for visitors.

Chimpanzee tracking at the Kyambura Gorge, excursions into Queen Elizabeth National Park, a visit to the equator line along the road to Kasese or walks from the Observatory along the escarpment and up and down the hills which form the backdrop to the property are recommended activities but the Observatory is also suited to just lazing about, reading books or taking a cooling dive into the pool when the temperatures rise, while the sauna can be fired up at a moment’s notice – at some small added fee for firewood.

The Observatory remains, ever since it was launched, one of my favourite spots in Uganda and offers the kind of getaway writers need sometime to get creative without the distraction of traffic and TV. It certainly is my kind of place and no doubt one which is a perfect fit for many more visitors, from within Uganda, from the region and from further abroad when coming for a safari.

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