Uganda Airlines prepares for long haul flight launch


(Posted 04th February 2021)

(Pictures courtesy of Uganda Airlines and Airbus)

With the second brand new Airbus A330-800Neo now in Entebbe is Uganda Airlines going the extra mile to launch long haul operations.
First on the horizon will be Dubai with London and Mumbai / Guangzhou set to follow over the coming weeks and months.
The new aircraft, presently the only one of its kind in Africa – Uganda Airlines as the launch customer for Airbus on the continent – will according to reliable sources also be deployed across the network to showcase the new plane. Configured in a state of the art three class layout of Business, Premium Economy and Economy is the quality of the cabin, and the service which goes along with it, expected to win passengers from Uganda Airlines African destinations, ready to connect in Entebbe to their final destination. WiFi connectivity is an additional feature on board which puts Uganda Airlines in the category of airlines offering this feature on flights into and out of Entebbe.

The airline has also issued a brief statement confirming their plans for long haul operations:

Meanwhile has the Airbus Foundation also confirmed that 5 tons of medical relief cargo was uplifted from Toulouse to Entebbe to support UNICEF operations in Uganda, making excellent use of the cargo capacity on the ferry flight.

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