Two aviation accidents in East Africa claim three lives


(Posted 12th February 2021)

A Kenya Wildlife Service Aviat 1A-C Husky, registered as 5Y-KWL, MSN 3071 crashed yesterday at the Nanyuki airstrip killing both occupants instantly. The flight was enroute to Meru National Park and the crash occurred shortly after takeoff. The same aircraft had earlier in the day performed aerial surveillance over the Solio Game Reserve which is located between Nyeri and Nanyuki.
This particular aircraft was manufactured in 2009 and put into service with KWS in early 2010 and had suffered an accident already in 2014 at the Tsavo West Kilaguni airstrip.

Meanwhile, and also yesterday, did an army helicopter crash near Entebbe International Airport, claiming the life of one of the pilots while the other was admitted to hospital with serious injuries.
The Agusta Bell AB 206B Jetranger II helicopter, registered as AF317, MSN 8492, was on a training mission out of Entebbe when it crashed near Lido Beach.
Only a week ago did another UPDF helicopter crash in Somalia with four personnel on board, who were reportedly injured and admitted to a military hospital. That helicopter was attached to the UN forces in Somalia’s aviation unit.

Condolences are expressed to the families, friends and colleagues of the three pilots who died in the two crashes.

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