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CCA Insights: From the Pen of Florie Liser

Corporate Council on Africa
Dear CCA Members and Friends,
2021 is a year of hope and promise as we embrace new leadership here in the United States and collaborate with our African partners on economic recovery from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic…Read more>>

Corporate Council on Africa announces new slate of Board Members
Corporate Council on Africa
CCA is delighted to welcome the following business leaders to the CCA Board of Directors…Read more>>


‘Diplomacy Is Back’: Linda Thomas-Greenfield Is Confirmed as Biden’s U.N. Envoy

The New York Times
WASHINGTON — Shortly after Linda Thomas-Greenfield was announced as President Biden’s pick for ambassador to the United Nations, she introduced the American public to a new phrase: “gumbo diplomacy.”…Read more>>


African Union to set up infrastructure fund for the continent

NAIROBI (Reuters) – The African Union is setting up a fund to finance the construction of much-needed roads, railways and power plants on the continent, its infrastructure head said, turning to new sources of cash due to donor fatigue and higher debt levels…Read more>>


Cairo Eye, Africa’s largest observation wheel to debut in Egypt in 2022

Times Travel
Africa is all set to debut its largest observation wheel in Egypt next year. Cairo Eye as it is called, Egypt aims to put its capital city back on the tourism map. This observation wheel, which is largest in Africa is also the fifth-largest in the world…Read more>>

Travel Industry Sees Glimmers of Recovery in Africa, Antarctica
Early in the global pandemic, travel experts rushed to determine the shape of the recovery. Would it be L-shaped? More like a W? A year later, despite brief upticks and plenty of pent-up demand, the travel rebound has yet to arrive…Read more>>

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