Uganda loses two rhinos in the space of a few weeks


(Posted 01st March 2021)

Sad news arrived from the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary overnight.
Rhino Nandi, mother to several calves over the past years, has passed away following a nagging infection.
UWA reportedly took samples and smears from her – after she was reported to be doing poorly after the birth of her latest calf – already in late January but todate have no results been shared with RFU to provide specific treatment other than the ongoing vet care Nandi received.

A few weeks earlier had Nandi given birth to another calf named Achiru, reported here at the time, but was unable to feed the calf which was subsequently transferred to the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre.
Achiru then died at UWEC on the 17th of January, yet todate has no cause of death been released from the authorities.

UWA, finally swinging into action, will alongside Makerere University pathology department staff conduct a post mortem on Nandi to establish the cause of her death after no producing test results for several weeks to RFU.

The ATCNews’ publisher, closely associated with the Rhino Fund Uganda over the past 20 years, extends sympathy to management and staff at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and the Rhino Fund Uganda over the loss of two prized rhinos.

Rhino Fund Uganda

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